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Hello world!

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I was going to delete this post, but then I got all sentimental feeling since “Hello, World!” is the quintessential phrase for Internet debut. So I’ve decided to edit it and leave it up instead.

This is going to be my new journal. I’ll be using my LiveJournal henceforth mostly for stories and stuff. I’ve been kicking around the idea about leaving LJ for a while now. I’m just not comfortable there anymore. It’s wonderful for posting my stories but not so much as a journal, for a variety of reasons that I can’t quite articulate. (Hey. It’s late. I’ve been monkeying with files and codes and software for the past three hours. Suffice to say that LJ ain’t what it used to be to me.)

I considered Dreamwidth because all the cool kids are there but then thought it rather daft that I pay a good amount for this webspace each year and yet would pay still more for a Dreamwidth journal. So here I am, sort of camping out in the backyard rather than paying for the posh hotel.

Eventually, I’m going to have this journal more or less match the rest of the site (I think), but the layout I threw together just a minute ago is being a bastard and I get the sneaking suspicion that I will have to start from scratch, WordPress theming not being my forte. So this is it in the meantime.