WANTED: Heretics

Are you a heretic loremaster too?

Then won’t you consider joining me? I am seeking other heretic loremasters to help me maintain this haven for non-traditional discussions of literature, history, and the fan cultures that grow up around them. This is no small task! If you’re interested in becoming a full-time heretic loremaster, please consider whether you can commit to the following:

  • Making at least two on-topic posts per month.
  • Responding to comments both on your posts and those of other heretic loremasters in an effort to encourage conversation.
  • Committing to the above for at least a year.

You must be a heretic, of course. Your contributions here should critically examine not only the works in your chosen discipline but the popular responses to those works. While not all need be heresy, then you should have a hankering for advancing alternate opinions or looking at things from new angles, and you should not be afraid to advance these ideas.

If you are interested in becoming a heretic loremaster, then please contact me to let me know of your interest. Please let me know of what topics you desire to write while you’re here. Commentary on literature, specific book-based fandoms, history, and fan culture is all welcome.

What The Heretic Loremaster isn’t is a platform for political and social commentary except where these topics intersect with our purposes. Therefore, while an appraisal of the feminist qualities of the Harry Potter books is welcome, a rant about how Hillary Clinton got screwed over because she is a woman is not. Nor is this a private journal. While, again, our lives outside of our writing and research will naturally impact what we share here, then it should tie into our purposes. While one hundred pictures of your cat or a play-by-play recap of your kid’s first soccer game may be interesting to some, then it is not appropriate here. There are plenty of platforms for these sorts of writings, and I am happy to recommend some, if this is what you desire.

If you can live with all of this, then please be prepared to send me three examples of or links to your writing. While the writing may be fiction or non-fiction, formal (essay) or informal (blog post), it should focus on alternative views of your topic. Please also prepare a list of five possible posts that you’d like to write here. If you have some writing completed for these ideas, then that is even better, but not necessary.

I will consider whether, by this information, I think that your contributions would be enjoyed by readers here. This is not a commentary on your work, necessarily, but an assessment of how well your work fits with the audience here. I will also consider how enjoyable your writing is to read. Writing here should be interesting, informative, thoughtful, and inspiring. There are plenty of online encyclopedias for the dull recitation of facts that we all know. Lastly, I will consider whether your writing is presented professionally without egregious errors or typos that could easily be caught by a spellchecker or a quick proofread.

Finally, I will consider–based on what I know or learn of you–your passion for your subject and for our aim here to offer alternate views of popular interpretations of literature, history, and fan culture. You should possess enthusiasm for your subject, as well as for teaching others, inspiring others’ creativity, and helping others to think critically about what they read. Being active in a fandom or online community aside from posting your own writings and collecting accolades is a major plus, though not required. Promising newcomers or established authors and researchers looking to become more involved in their communities are welcome as well.

If you want only a warm place to stay the night, we do take guest contributions. Please send me a copy of what you’d like to share here, and we’ll talk about whether your work will fit on this site. I would like to ask that you remain available to answer comments and questions on your post but, otherwise, you are free to be on your way again come morning.

Whether you’d like to make The Heretic Loremaster your home or just visit for a spell, please use the contact page on my website to contact me if you’re interested in writing for us or have any questions you’d like to ask.

Yours in irreverence,


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