The Troll without a Face: Anonymous Online Discourse

When I first started posting my writing online, I kept an open door to anonymous comments when the sites where I posted allowed me to do so. In my mind, someone had just read my work and had some amazingly insightful thought about it and went to comment and … she wasn’t a member of […]

Too Smart for Fandom?

There has been a recent spate of posts on Metafandom and elsewhere about whether or not academia–and academically inclined fans–should have a role in fandom. So far, it hasn’t even been a matter of how much of a role, or when academic analysis is appropriate, but a black-and-white, YES-or-NO debate such as is rarely seen […]

The Many Faces of LiveJournal

Of the myriad Web 2.0 sites and services out there, most seem to have a distinct purpose for their existence. Facebook connects friends and classmates, Yahoo! Groups lets people with similar interests chat amongst themselves, WordPress lets even an Internet newbie start up a blog. LiveJournal isn’t so simple. What is the function of LiveJournal? […]