The New LiveJournal Terms of Service and Why They Matter to the SWG

A couple of days ago, I posted to the Silmarillion Writers’ Guild’s various online spaces, soliciting member feedback on what we should do about the new Terms of Service on LiveJournal. I have been honestly taken aback by feedback I’ve received that, in a nutshell, asks, “Why does it matter?” So here it is: my […]

Slate, Please Don’t Sue Me for Linking to Your Article about Getting Sued for Linking! Or to the One on Child Pornography!

In this week’s stupid-scary tech news, Slate magazine reports on a case about a Web start-up that was sued by a law firm for linking to publicly available biographies on the law firm’s website. The law firm argued “trademark infringement” on the grounds that visitors would think that the start-up was associated with the law […]

The Many Faces of LiveJournal

Of the myriad Web 2.0 sites and services out there, most seem to have a distinct purpose for their existence. Facebook connects friends and classmates, Yahoo! Groups lets people with similar interests chat amongst themselves, WordPress lets even an Internet newbie start up a blog. LiveJournal isn’t so simple. What is the function of LiveJournal? […]