Fandom under Fire: Thoughts on the Theft

Probably everyone knows by now that there was a recent theft of stories from and The fact that I can say with confidence that those authors affected by this likely already know about it (at least on the end) is largely the point of my post. In my decade or so of […]

Ownership of Fanworks

Recently, on a list where I lurk, the owner made a post banning “remix” stories where an author takes an existing fanwork and rewrites it. And when I say “banning,” I don’t just mean that such stories are not allowed but anyone found writing them, even on locked groups, will be banned. (ETA: I want […]

The Conflict of the Fannish and the Creative

This semester, I am taking a course called Women Writers. Next week’s topic is Rethinking the Maternal, with lots of intriguing readings on how women can balance the selfish needs of a writer with the selflessness of motherhood–or if it can be done at all. Now, Bobby and I have chosen to be child-free, so […]