Tolkien Fan Fiction Survey: Reader, Writer, or Both?

The Tolkien Fan Fiction survey was open to both readers and writers of Tolkien-based fan fiction. As the Tolkien Fan Fiction Survey masterpost explains, that requirement was too steep for twenty-one participants, who didn’t read or write Tolkien-based fan fiction (and presumably misunderstood the purpose of the survey), in addition to one person who did not grant consent to participate. That […]

On Writing to the Fanfic Market

There were a pair of posts this week on the FanHistory blog (here and here) about how to become a successful fan writer. The title of the first post is pretty much its thesis: “Fan fiction, social media & chasing the numbers with quality content (Hint: Doesn’t matter).” The basic premise is this: If you […]

Fandom: A Reader’s World?

The other day on the Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards mailing list, there was a rather frustrated reply to an administration post about labeling reviews that contain spoilers. The writer put forth the usual arguments: A degree of “spoilage” is common when reading book reviews, so why would readers of MEFA reviews assume any differently? It’s […]