Open Thread for Slash Discussion

I am opening this post for any and all who are interested in continuing the slash discussion from LotR Genfic. This discussion has been moved offlist since the list is a gen group and the discussion was starting to touch on issues that don’t necessarily belong on a family-friendly group. So that we could keep […]

Authorial Intent, Fan Writing, and “Asterisk Reality”

It is an oft-cited fact that JRRT created his stories from the languages of Middle-earth and not the other way around. We fannish folk like this detail, but I suspect that many of us who repeat it with gusto don’t think very much about what it actually means. In fact, I’d never thought much about […]

A Review of Douglas Charles Kane’s Arda Reconstructed

For Tolkien researchers (including fan-writers), the published Silmarillion has long worn a blazing red question mark in terms of authorship. It is no secret that the book was pieced together by Christopher Tolkien using multiple different drafts of JRRT’s writings, and that Guy Kay–a fantasy author–assisted CT with this endeavor. The History of Middle-earth series […]

If I Could Scratch Five Words from the Fannish Lexicon …

Hey, we all have those words and terms for which we bear an illogical (or maybe not-so-illogical …) loathing. Here are my fannish five. (I should add that this list is relevant to the Silmarillion fandom, perhaps the broader Tolkien fandom in places, but they are hardly representative of Fandom as a Whole, if there […]

When Questions of Canon Should Be Questions of Writing

On one of the Tolkien discussion lists I’m on, the perennial question about Maedhros and Thangorodrim was posed: What does JRRT tell us about how Maedhros survived up there for so long? The answer to that question is simple: JRRT doesn’t. At least, not in any of the books published during his lifetime or posthumously […]

From Canon to AU: Defining Canon on a Continuum

My last post on whether or not Maedhros threatening to kill Elrond and Elros was canonical has generated a lot of wonderfully thought-provoking comments. Not surprisingly, many of these have been about canon: what it is, how it is defined, and at what point to we pass from “canon” to “AU.” This is a matter […]

Take Pity upon Him: Did Maedhros Really Threaten to Kill Elrond and Elros at the Third Kinslaying?

The other day, I was reading a story about Maedhros and Maglor during the attack on the settlement at Sirion. Maedhros and Maglor search for the Silmaril. Together, they burst into a room and find not the jewel but the twin sons of Eärendil, Elrond and Elros. The twins try to defend themselves but they […]