About The Heretic Loremaster

The Heretic Loremaster welcomes you!

Please, come inside my humble cottage and have a seat by the fire. Not too close!–that has been the unfortunate fate of many a heretic predecessor. You are welcome to a cup of tea and, of course, a book. Many are the stories here, and they are not the sorts of stories you’ll often hear beyond these walls. Yes, the world is listening–and judging–but do not worry. You are safe here.

I am the Heretic Loremaster. I read the same books as everyone else, but I read them a little differently: I don’t necessarily take them at their word. I like to look at the stories that build our mythological history from the eyes of those disfavored by that history. That makes me despised by some and endearing to others. Nothing is off-limits here, and that can be a scary thing, but if you can handle it, then I welcome what contributions, discussion, and debate that you are willing to bring to my dusty little corner of the Internet.

Why heresy, you may ask? Isn’t that a bit extreme? Typically, a heretic is one who believes contrary to an established religious principle, but this definition may also be broadened to include “a person who holds controversial opinions,” according to The American Heritage Dictionary. Those of us who socialize in book-based fandoms know that there are the facts of the books we read, and then there are prevailing or acceptable ways to interpret those facts within the social framework of fandom. Writers and researchers who express opposing ideas often find themselves attacked, ignored, or ostracized by others within their fandom. Here, we embrace these ideas and proudly bear our title–and burden–as heretics.

I am a heretic, yes, but even heretics need a few rules. All opinions are welcome here, but you should be accountable for your views and understand that you may be challenged by those who do not agree. But if you plan on doing the challenging, you should be forewarned that–despite our poor reputation–we heretics do appreciate civility, so please leave the pitchforks at home. Those who choose to act in a manner that is disrespectful to others will be first ignored, then warned, then deleted, and then banned. I do not wish to do this because I want all to be welcome to contribute to our discussions here, but I must foremost keep this a respectful place where all views are welcome to be expressed.

Did you see the handbill posted on the tree outside? WANTED: Heretics, it says. Are you the one they seek? If you are, then do tell me, for you may take haven here, with me, as another heretic loremaster.

My friends, the wind is cold outside, but it is warm in here. Let us brighten the dark of night with lore and song. Will you join me?

The Heretic Loremaster


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