On the “New” Book by J.R.R. Tolkien

So, as many have doubtlessly heard by now, the Tolkien Estate is yet again publishing some of the Great Dead Professors’ writings. This time, it is The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, a Norse epic in verse. You know, I may be committing a mortal sin as a Tolkien fan in acknowledging this publicly, but […]

Slate, Please Don’t Sue Me for Linking to Your Article about Getting Sued for Linking! Or to the One on Child Pornography!

In this week’s stupid-scary tech news, Slate magazine reports on a case about a Web start-up that was sued by a law firm for linking to publicly available biographies on the law firm’s website. The law firm argued “trademark infringement” on the grounds that visitors would think that the start-up was associated with the law […]

The Coraline Grab Bag!

Bobby and I went to see Coraline last week on opening night; I purchased the book a few days earlier (for $13 paperback–ouch!) and read it so that I could go into the movie with my canatic’s cred intact. I had all intentions of reviewing the movie, being as this blog weble is primarily concerned […]

On Writing to the Fanfic Market

There were a pair of posts this week on the FanHistory blog (here and here) about how to become a successful fan writer. The title of the first post is pretty much its thesis: “Fan fiction, social media & chasing the numbers with quality content (Hint: Doesn’t matter).” The basic premise is this: If you […]